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April Miller told us in person >> "Being a single mom I did not think I would ever have my own home. No one would even look at helping us. This is a dream come true! Thank You!"  
Jessica and Tim T. recently said >>"You guys are great to work with. No one has ever tried so hard to help us before. We thought we would never get a big new home of our own. Thanks AOHS!!"  
Vinson and his family stated >> "This is our first house. It is a blessing. Our family would not have this house if it were not for you. Thank you and bless you."  
Vickie Patterson told us >> "Thank you A O Home Solutions for helping me sell my house on a Lease Purchase Quickly. I had to move in just days and you guys got it done without a problem. No more mortgage payments or electric bills. I do not know how I would have held onto the house without your service. I got full price and full service. Even after I moved out of State, you handled everything. You took the stress off of me. I appreciate it."

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Invest in private mortgages with us, and earn 6% - 10% return on your money... SAFELY! With as little as $15000 you can become an Investor and watch it Grow! 

Private lenders earn more MoneyIf you have money in the stock market, CD's, savings accounts, IRA's, pension plans, or any other investments and you are not getting at least an 6% - 10% return, without all the normal risk...then we should talk. 

We often borrow funds from private investors to purchase, fix, and then resell single family houses. 

We do this by giving the investor a private mortgage (usually a first mortgage, but sometimes a second) on the properties we are buying. 

Once we have purchased the property and given you the paperwork (this is all handled by a closing attorney/agent), you can receive payments every month, quarterly or yearly, for the life of the loan agreement.

We are always buying houses, so if you like the returns, you can continue to lend to us, and we will keep your money earning interest for you for as long as you like. 

Please call us to talk more about this opportunity, or simply complete the form below, and we will contact you ASAP.
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Testimonials (names partially removed for privacy of Investors)

I'm so glad we were given the opportunity to lend you money. I wish you were around years ago. Ten percent is sure better than the 3.7 we were getting in our CD's.               Bill and Susan S.

I wish I had more money to lend you. Your service alone is so much better than the bank.  We feel more secure with our investment with you than with the mutual funds we had in our portfolio.              James D.

I wanted to be an investor but I can't stand collecting rents. Your way is great. All I need to do is give the money to you and it always comes back with a higher return and no tenants to mess with!                 Tom S.

Please call me with your next deal. I need the extra interest points. You pay more than double my bank rate.                                 Terecia B.

My husband and I have loaned you money for years.  You always pay it back and we enjoy the interest boost. We feel safer than a bank with our current money invested with you.                       Colleen N.

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